Klas Rent A Car…

Our firm has taken its place in the automotive sector in 1991. Our firm centered in Ankara has started to give rental service in 1999. The leading main principle of our firm is “MUTUAL TRUST AND RESPECT.” With this principle in mind, our firm is giving service with the professional team, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. With vehicles renewed each year and without compromising from trust, respect and honesty principles and by refreshing ourselves and the services given, we are giving rental service.With the experience of many years we are a firm able to scope out and apply solutions in car rental, car rental with driver, fleet rental, long-term vehicle rental, economical car rental, transfer service with the driver, airport pick-up and vehicle supply services.With the ascending values and sense of service from past to future, we will be at your service, our valuable customers


1. To create a world brand with professional staff and sense of service.
2. To become a world-wide and well-known organization in our sector
We feel responsible to serve our customers with luxury cars with our professional staff and reasonable prices.
We submit our customers the advantages of well maintained, luxurous and problem-free car rental. “Our job is to shorten distances.”